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Weekly homework

Class 6 homework expectations:

1)  Try your best

2) Complete your reading, english and maths homework each week (unless you are ill)

3) do extra practise if you need to (e.g. times tables) or would like to. You can use MyMaths, Youtube videos or SATs guides for this.

4) If you need help, ask before it is too late.


Homework is due in on Wednesdays. If you forget, a reminder to bring your homework in on the Thursday will be sent to your parents so they can help you remember to bring it. If your homework is not in school by Friday, you may be asked to complete it at school.


There is no need to worry. All we ask is for you to try your best. 

This week's homework...



Maths-Fractions of an amount

Reading comprehension- Alice in Wonderland linked to  our theatre trip


Good Luck

Mr Schofield



Reading comprehension

Maths -Conversions of units of measurements 


Good Luck!

Mr. Schofield



This week's homework is Maths based on units of measurement and a reading comprehension about medicine. 


Good Luck 


Mr.  Schofield



The children have a Maths task based on x 10,100, 1000 etc due to misconceptions arising during assessment week. 

There is also a reading comprehension task.


Good Luck!


Mr. Schofield




Homework for this week is Football themed Reading and Fractions for Maths.


Good Luck 


Mr Schofield



This week the children have a SATS arithmetic paper on side of A4. Parents see if they can do it under 30 minutes!


They also have a reading comprehension, we have studied in class. They just need now to answer the questions.


Good Luck!


Mr Schofield



We are back up and running after the revision task I set over half term with arithmetic paper. This week this children have looked at Gelert the Brave and now they will do the questions independently to see what they have retained. The Maths is based on fractions we have covered and will cover in the next week. 





Apologies there was no homework last week due to me being unwell and not in school. This week we are back up and running. The Maths homework links to the BODMAS or BIDMAS work we have done in school this week. The English is the Reading comprehension that we need to practice. Also the children will bring home an Arithmetic test based on SATS questions today and they will be able to show you the level they need to be working at and also practice any areas for development. 


Thanks and Good Luck


Mr. Schofield

Want some extra reading ideas?

Click the link below to check out Mr. Schofield's recommendations linked to our topic this time. 

Previous homeworks...



The children completed section A of the Maths questions last week. This week I would like the section B section to be completed. (If they have already finished all the sections please ask for a new set of questions) 


The English part of this week's homework is a written account of they did and learned from Friday's trip. A paragraph or two is enough. If your child has any problems with the homework please ask for advice or help.


Good Luck!

Mr. Schofield

Homework 23.9.22


Please practice spelling unit 3 (In Year 6 cover a unit a week rather than every two weeks done in previous years because of coverage time and then we revise these rules. )

Reading comprehension using VIPERS skills.

Addition and subtraction linked to this weeks learning. 



If you need any help with your homework then come and see me on Monday and Tuesday break time and I will give you some extra support. 


Good Luck


Mr. Schofield