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Weekly homework

This week's homework...

**There is no specific homework for this week but you do need to:

pack for our residential!!

continue learning your lines for the production. 

Keep reading each night at home too 


Previous homeworks...

Task 1: continue learning your lines for the play - we will start going through these next week.


Task 2: MyMaths - using Function machines


Task 3: Look at the poster of insects that live around potato plants. Choose 1 or 2 of the insects and research to find out how they are useful (or not) to the plants. What is their role in the ecosystem? 

You can choose to write your ideas down or remember them and share them with the class next week. 


For this weeks homework you'll need the Powerpoint - types of potatoes

Task 1: You'll need to favourite potato worksheet (below) for this. Interview your family to see which is their favourite type of potato. Produce a graph showing what they like best. 


Task 2: Watch this video of how the potato plants develop under the soil.

Think of similes and metaphors to describe. I'm thinking about tendrils, spiders webs and movement like a snake...


Task 3: Start to learn your lines for the production - remember to pay attention to the stage directions too so you can think about how you'll need to act and when you will come on and off stage. 


Your Maths homework for this week is set on MyMaths


Research homework:

1. Use the Information sheet below to find out about where potatoes are grown. 

2. Colour in the UK counties where they are most often grown on the Map

3. If you were travelling from home to the nearest potato farm on the map, which direction would you need to go in? 

What about the furthest place.

4. If you have any bags of potatoes at home, look where they were produced. Identify their location on the map too.


Easter homework 2021

1) Relax, have fun and stay active.

2) Keep up with the times tables, reading fluency and handwriting practise - especially if this is something you have needed to focus on.

3) Complete the Easter comprehension and Fractions sheets below.

4) Tyr to read a full book over the 2 weeks - challenge yourself to something different than usual. 


22/03/2021 This week you have art homework and maths on MyMaths.

Instructions for the art homework are below...


Police in Newcastle put art on the timetable for online competition

Youngsters across Newcastle are being invited to showcase their creative talents and come up with some police-theme pieces of art – and win a visit from one of the force’s dogs. 

Neighbourhood officer PC Natasha Egar said: “Children are now back in school after what has been a tough few months for them. Due to the lockdown we haven’t been able to go out to our schools as much as we have done previously and by doing a contest like this it’s a nice chance for us to continue engaging."

PC Egar wants children from Newcastle’s primary schools to come up with some police-theme artwork with participants able to do a drawing or use some materials to build something. 

The neighbourhood team has linked up with the force’s dog handlers where one of the dogs will make a special visit to the winning child’s school. PC Egar has also won the support of one of Newcastle's branches of Morrisons, who have kindly donated the other prizes – including a £15 voucher. 

In addition to a visit from one of the dogs, the winning youngster will receive a £15 Kids’ Choice voucher and an activity book. Second prize is a paint book, play dough, and confectionery while the youngster in third will receive some art materials including crayons, paints, glitter and paint brushes. 

A photograph of the piece of art should be e-mailed to no later than April 3. Those taking part should include the full name of the child and their school.

17th March 2021

This week you have English homework (see the 3 images below) on expression when reading aloud. You also have a Big Maths to complete in 20 minutes (get as far as you can in the time).

English warm up

Mark up the text using the code to remind yourself how to read it with expression. Practise reading ready for a check next week

Extra maths challenge

It's Christmas!!!!!


We are all so proud of you this term. You've done so well, learned so much and made some amazing memories. Your homework for the Christmas holidays is to have an amazing break. In this year of change, where Christmas will be different, you're homework is to 

1) be adaptable and embrace the change

2) look after the wellbeing of yourself and others

3) make fantastic memories.


There are no spellings to learn for the 1st Friday back, you can continue to record your reading though. Be creative - if you read a recipe... it's reading. If you read Lego instructions.... it's reading. 


I've attached a challenge sheet below with a list of 'Things to do' if you're stuck for ideas one day. I'd love to see the photos of your Christmas celebrations and activities and we can share these on the first day back (Tuesday 5th January) if your parents email them. 

I know, I know ...



Yes! is my reply.


For homework this week I'd like you to practise singing the following songs. We are going to have an outdoor carol concert with our buddies next week. 

Hopefully you will already know the words.

Away in a manger:

Jingle bells:

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer:


(there is no official English homework or homework set on MyMaths this week - you've worked so hard all term and we are extremely happy with your progress. Have a restful weekend instead!)



My Maths homework - recapping decimal place value.


English homework:

Next week we will be writing newspaper reports - take the Newspaper Checklist and see if you can find all the features in a newspaper article.


You can choose your own newspaper/magazine article or use one of the newspaper reports attched below.

Have fun and have a great weekend!



Spellings: Friday's test will be on the silent letter 't' words - you'll repeat these next week too to ensure they are embedded.


Maths homework - MyMaths


English homework - please complete the activity on identifying active and passive form. You don't need to bring a copy into school - just have a go. We will go through the answers in school so that we can check you understand because this is a tricky concept. 



Continue learning the silent b spellings ready for Friday's test. Next week your spellings will be silent letter t.


Maths homework: My maths - multiplying and dividing fractions recap.


English homework: start to learn the song below for our class assembly. You might...

  • practise by listening and singing.
  • learn how to pronounce all the words
  • learn the defitions of the words using a dictionary
  • handwrite the lyrics to help you remember. 

The choice is yours - as long as you have the lyrics mostly learned by next week. 



Class 6, can I say thank you to those who emailed fabulous homework this week. 

I am also very proud of how you conducted yourselves at the cenotaph today. 

This week... 

Remember to continue practising your spellings ready for Friday. Silent letter 'b'.


Maths: Your MyMaths homework is BIDMAS - remember to calculate in the correct order!

English: Your activity is photographed below. Have fun!


This week's homework has a firework theme. Please do remember to stay safe if you will be watching fireworks and using sparklers at home.


Maths homework: This is not on MyMaths. Instead, you have a Fiery Figures challenge to choose - number 2 is more tricky than number 1.

English homework: Write and decorate your own firework poem - use this as an opportunity to practise your handwriting skills. 


Spellings: spellings will come home on Monday and you will have a week to practise these. The first spelling pattern is 'silent letters'. If you'd like to look ahead, you can find the Y6 spelling log under the spelling tab on your homework page. 



For the next 2 weeks you have a topic homework project.

There will be no English and Maths homework but do keep reading at home and practising your times tables. 

The information for your topic project is attached below:


This week there is no topic homework - you'll be given your next project before half term.

Maths homework - recap of fractions

English homework - practise learning the poem - we will be reciting it next week on Thursday


Maths homework

Your MyMaths task is based on negative numbers. 


Topic and English homework - this task is in your Anderson shelter booklet

Write a conclusion about your work on Anderson shelters.

  • Did you make good choices about materials?
  • Was it a successful construction?
  • Would your shelter have been safe enough to use?

I can't wait to see the shelters you have made next week (Friday 16th).  

** please note, you'll have the poem task again next week and then we will recite them in class the week before half term. I know lots of you have been working hard to practise so keep going. 



This week's topic homework is to complete and test your Anderson Shelter.

Your MyMaths homework is based on place value. You have all been amazing at that this week.

For English, we will be learning some poetry by heart. Practise the poem by Laurence Binyon - the link is below. (You will need to be able to recite this by heart in 2 weeks time to meet the Y6 curriculum objective)


This weeks topic homework is to begin to build your Anderson shelter

Maths homework is set on MyMaths and you will be interpreting remainders for division - think carefully about how to round your answer.

English is a comprehension below. Answers are attached. 

MyMaths school log in: stjohns2

password: one

Children then need to use their own log in and password



My Maths - this week you have addition and subtraction set for my maths.

For English, there is a document attached on naming the parts of a sentence - please complete the 1st page (you do not need to do it all).

There is a choice of Easy or Tricky depending on the challenge you want to give yourself. 

The answers are on the 2nd page so you can mark them yourselves. 


Remember your topic homework too

Miss Wood



MyMaths homework has been set for the children this week based on factors - we have learned about these in class as a recap from Y5.

English homework is linked to the topic project you can find on the topic homework page. Children will come home with a hard copy of the topic booklet tomorrow (10/09/20) so that they can complete this.

Spellings to practise this week based on our writing learning:








Please log in to MyMaths to complete your maths homework by Wednesday of each week.

English homework will be dated and posted below. You are not expect to printed or bring this into school - build your independence and take ownership for your own learning.