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In Year 5 history, children will continue to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of local, British and World History.



The Victorians

In our study of the Victorians, students will build upon their prior knowledge gained in Year 1 and Year 3 to delve deeper into understanding life during the Victorian era in our local area. This exploration will involve a close examination of the significant changes that took place in industry and technology during this period. Additionally, students will learn about the roles and responsibilities of children in the Victorian workforce. Through this study, they will gain valuable insights into the historical context of our region, further enriching their understanding of our local history and its connection to broader societal changes during the Victorian era.



Ancient Greece

This unit of study will expand the children's knowledge of Ancient Greece, a civilization that flourished over 2500 years ago and still impacts our world today. They will explore key features of Ancient Greece, such as the origins of democracy, Greek philosophy, architectural innovations, and the birth of the Olympics, connecting these contributions to their influence on Western civilization. Additionally, students will relate this topic to their prior learning about the Romans, examining the Roman invasion and conquest of Greece to gain a holistic understanding of this pivotal period in history.



The Mayans

In the Summer term, children will engage in a unit that involves comparing and contrasting European and non-Western cultures from the same historical era. They will focus primarily on the Maya civilization, delving into their lifestyle and achievements using primary and secondary sources. The aim is to develop critical thinking skills, encourage the evaluation of evidence, and form opinions on the level of advancement of the Maya compared to societies like British society and Ancient Egypt.