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Art & DT


Across the year, children will be taught to develop their skills through the work of famous artists and sculptors



Unit 1: Drawing and Painting – LS Lowry

In our first art unit, children will embark on an exciting journey that connects their historical exploration of the Victorians with the iconic British artist, L.S. Lowry, renowned for his industrial-themed paintings. Throughout this unit, students will engage in a variety of artistic activities, including line and observational drawings, exploring diverse colour palettes, and experimenting with different perspectives. By the conclusion of this period, students will have honed their artistic skills and crafted a landscape picture inspired by the distinctive style of L.S. Lowry, capturing the essence of our local area through their creative endeavours. This unit promises to blend history and art, fostering a deeper appreciation for both subjects.



Unit 2: Sculpture – Alberto Giacometti

In Spring term, we will immerse ourselves in the world of art and sculpture through the lens of Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti. We will embark on a creative journey, experimenting with various artistic mediums to craft stick figures inspired by Giacometti's iconic sculptures. The unit will also focus on refining observational drawing skills, particularly in the context of understanding perspective. By the end of this unit, children will have designed their own 'movement' sculptures, influenced by Giacometti's work. Additionally, the curriculum will introduce them to the renowned artists Katsushika Hokusai and Patrick Lichfield, offering a well-rounded appreciation of diverse artistic expressions and styles.



Unit 3: Drawing and Painting – Jean-Michael Basquiat

In the Summer term we will explore the distinctive artistic style of American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, known for his use of pop art and graffiti techniques in his paintings. Throughout the unit, children will engage in comparisons between Basquiat's work and that of other studied artists. They will embark on a creative journey, experimenting with concepts like tone, mark making, and collages, culminating in the creation of their own self-portraits in the neo-expressionist style. This artistic exploration will encourage students to develop their own unique artistic voices while gaining a deeper appreciation for contemporary art movements.

Design and Technology

In Year 5, we support children to develop their DT capability by combining designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding to create quality, functional products.



Unit 1: Frame Structures

In Year 5, children will delve into "Frame Structures" to advance their understanding of constructing sturdy and stable designs. Building upon their previous knowledge of structures, they will explore ways to enhance strength and stability. Through research and hands-on learning, they will undertake the exciting task of designing and constructing a prototype for a bird hide within the school playground. This engaging unit will empower students to apply their structural knowledge to real-world projects, fostering their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and practical construction skills.



Unit 2: Electrical Systems: Complex Switches / Circuits

Building upon their prior understanding of series circuits gained in Year 4, children will leverage this knowledge to formulate a design specification for a practical product that can autonomously react to environmental changes, such as an alarm system. This unit will empower students to deepen their understanding of complex electrical circuits and how they can be applied to create responsive and functional devices. Through hands-on experimentation and problem-solving, students will develop critical skills in electronics and engineering while exploring the exciting world of automated systems.



Unit 3: Food: Celebrating Culture and Seasonality

In Year 5, students will expand their culinary expertise in this food unit. Building on their solid foundation in food hygiene, nutrition, and healthy eating, they will create a detailed recipe for making bread, giving special attention to using seasonal ingredients. This hands-on learning experience not only enhances their cooking skills but also connects them with cultural and seasonal aspects of food. It fosters a deeper appreciation for culinary traditions and underscores the importance of sustainability and seasonality in their diets, empowering them to make informed and culturally enriched food choices.