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Autumn Term

In the Autumn term pupils will learn about developments in transport in the local area. This builds on previous learning in Key Stage 1 about the development of the railways. Pupils will be introduced to the reasons why transport needed to be developed and the impact this had on trade in Britain. Pupils will be briefly introduced to the Industrial Revolution as a period of great change and can place the invention of the steam engine and the steam locomotive on a timeline of transport.


Spring Term

Pupils are introduced to the concept of change and continuity. The unit builds upon previous learning in Key stage 1 of comparing similarities and differences and the concept of then and now, to extending pupil’s chronological understanding to recognise changes within a period of time. 


Summer Term

Follows on chronologically from Iron Age Britain. 

What was life in Celtic Britain like? Why was it so easy for the Romans to invade? Pupils’ chronological understanding is developed as they contrast two very different time periods.

Revisit learning from KS1 about significant women through History by studying Boudicca and her achievements.