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In Design and Technology, children will complete 3 projects over the year. They will build on their skills of research, product design, making and evaluating

In the first project, children will explore seasonality of ingredients, locality and food across different cultures - culminating in the creation of a celebration cake. 

During the 2nd project we will explore different ways to sew, embellish and decorate a cushion inspired by a theme of the class' choosing.

Finally, children will explore different mechanisms including pulleys and gears to help them design a rollercoaster. A large section of this project will involve use of CAD

The first artist the children will study is Rodin. We will make observational drawings of bodies and hands in different positions using pencil and charcoal. Children will then turn their final designs into a sculpture using clay and modrock.

In Spring Term we study, DaVinci and will learn the skills of observational drawing using line and form and crosshatching. The final piece will be a self portrait - children will have the choice of acrylic, watercolour, pencil or pastel to create their final piece.

We will then study Rosseau. Children will build on their knowledge of drawing faces by adapting this to draw an ape with a Rosseau-style jungle background.