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Autumn Term

Unit 1: Migration

  • Using their knowledge of Europe, children will begin to develop a greater understanding of human geography and the reasons people move location.

Unit 2: Rivers

  • Building on their knowledge of oceans, the equator, weather and the UK; children will learn about rivers and their essential role in both human and physical geography. They will begin to understand the impact of humans on the physical world. They are introduced to world rivers.


Spring Term

Unit 3: Hemispheres

  • More in-depth studies will reveal how geographers divide the earth to measure the earth including longitude, and latitude. An understanding of time zones will allow children to compare countries in the world including those that are in the same continent such as Europe. The Arctic and Antarctic will be studied to develop children’s understanding of different regions of the Earth that will help to inform later studies of biomes.

Unit 4: Locational Knowledge: North America

  • Children will use their knowledge of physical and human geography to carry out an in-depth study on North America. They will realise the differences and similarities between countries that exist in the same continent. They will be able to compare these to Europe. They will consider the weather patterns, time zones, situations in relation to the Equator. Migration is also considered.


Summer Term

Unit 5: Mountains

  • Children will be able to understand the theory behind the mountains studied to date. They will reflect on North America, Europe and the UK.  They will now begin to understand the major mountainous regions on the Earth.

Unit 6: Natural Resources 

  • Children will use their knowledge of the UK, Europe and North America to consider the world’s natural resources. They will develop a greater understanding of why migration takes place.