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Presentation and handwriting are important skills for children to learn as they progress through school. it helps children to form their thoughts and to look back on their learning in order to revise.

Children in Y6 do not have a specifically timetabled lesson as handwriting expectations will be modelled by staff throughout the curriculum. 


In Y6 children are expected to write legibly, speedily and to join their letters. The National Curriculum expectation is that children can:

write legibly, fluently and with increasing speed by:

 choosing which shape of a letter to use when given choices and deciding whether or not to join specific letters

choosing the writing implement that is best suited for a task.


In the document below, from page 27 onwards, you can see an example of handwriting that is at the expected standard for a Year 6 pupil. 

Encouraging good handwriting:

Some of the best tasks for encouraging your child to develop their handwriting are writing and decorating short pieces - poems are good for this (perhaps they could write one for the inside of a birthday card for example) and mindfulness colouring.

Encourage your child to adopt the correct position for writing - feet flat on the floor, sit straight, keep the piece of writing paper straight and on a flat surface

The correct pencil grip should be used; encourage your child to put the writing implement down and pick it up again to get them into the correct habits quickly.