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Autumn Term

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

  • Children will revisit the term invasion and what it means. They will understand how Roman and Anglo Saxon time periods overlapped, linking back to what life in Roman Britain was like and why the Romans left Britain. Their understanding of the inter relationship between Saxons and Vikings will be developed. They will make links with the Roman invasion of Britain and how they responded to earlier civilisations and left their own characteristic mark on the landscape. Children will develop an understanding of chronology by comparing the time period to those studied previously.


Spring Term

Ancient Egypt

  • Children will be introduced to World History. They will develop understanding of chronology by placing the period on a timeline and demonstrating an understanding of how it overlapped with Romans and Anglo Saxons. They will revisit learning from KS1 on significant women through History by studying Cleopatra and her achievements. They will develop understanding of chronology by studying the story of Anthony and Cleopatra.


Summer Term


  • Students will build on their prior knowledge of Life in Tudor London in Y2. and revisit learning about significant explorers in KS1. They will develop historical skills and conceptual understanding by studying the characteristic features of a society and analysing sources in greater depth. Significant individuals that will be studied include – Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. This links back to previous learning about Kings and Queens in Y1