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Autumn Term

Unit 4.1: Coding

In this unit, children will use selection in coding with the ‘if/ else’ command and understand and use variables in the program ‘2Code’. They will use flowcharts for design of algorithms including selection. They will learn how to use the ‘repeat until’ with variables to determine the repeat and learn about and use computational thinking terms; decomposition and abstraction. The outcome of this unit will be for children to use their knowledge of coding to create a playable game.


Unit 4.2: Online Safety

Children will learn how they can protect themselves from online identity

theft and understand  that information they put online leaves a digital footprint or trail and that this can aid identity theft. They will identify the risks and benefits of installing software including apps. They will learn that copying the work of others and presenting it as their own is called ‘plagiarism’ and to consider the consequences of plagiarism. They will identify appropriate behaviour when participating or contributing to collaborative online projects for learning. Further, they will identify the positive and negative influences of technology on health and the environment, and understand the importance of balancing game and screen time with other parts of their lives.


Unit 4.3: Spreadsheets (1)

Children will learn to format cells as currency, percentage, decimal to different

decimal places or fraction. They will use the formula wizard to calculate

averages and combine tools to make spreadsheet activities such as timed times tables



Spring Term

Unit 4.3: Spreadsheets (1)

Children will continue to develop their skills in the spreadsheets unit from Autumn term. They will use a spreadsheet to model a real-life situation and learn how to add a formula to a cell to automatically make a calculation in that cell.


Unit 4.4: Writing for different audiences

Children will explore how font size and style can affect the impact of a text. They will use a simulated scenario to produce a news report and write for a community campaign.


Summer Term:

Unit 4.5: Logo

Children will learn the structure of the coding language of Logo. They will input simple instructions in Logo and use 2Logo to create letter shapes. They will use the Repeat function in Logo to create shapes. Finally, children will learn how to use and build procedures in Logo.


Unit 4.6: Animation

Children will discuss what makes a good animated film or cartoon and learn how animations are created by hand. They will find out how 2Animate can be created in a similar way using the computer, learning  about onion skinning in animation and how to add backgrounds and sounds to animations. They will be introduced to ‘stop motion’ animation and share animation on the class display board and by blogging.


Unit 4.7: Effective Search

Children will locate information on the search results page and learn to use search effectively to find out information. They will assess whether an information source is true and reliable.


Unit 4.8: Hardware Investigations

Children will understand and recall the different parts that make up a computer.