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In Art this year pupils will learn and develop the following skills –

  • Create and use different tones of one colour, lightening and darkening by using different colours.
  • Produce close observational drawings of people and objects. 
  • Use a wide range of drawing implements on a variety of media.  
  • Use a sketchbook to test ideas and record media explorations.
  • Experiment with the potential of different grades of pencil while applying different drawing techniques.
  • Begin to show an awareness of objects having a third dimension and proportion.
  • Study and recreate patterns in the environment.
  •  Design patterns using ICT. 
  • Make patterns on a range of surfaces.  
  • Create patterns with symmetry.
  • Show awareness and name a range of different fabrics.
  • Use a variety of techniques, e.g. printing, dyeing, weaving and stitching.
  • Apply decoration using beads, buttons, feathers etc. 
  • Continue to gain experience in applying colour with printing.
  • Show further experience in changing and modifying threads and fabrics: knotting, fraying, fringing, pulling threads, twisting, plaiting. 
  • Look at fabrics from other countries.
  • Explore different effects and textures –e.g. washes and thickened paint.  
  • Use light and dark within painting and begin to explore complimentary colours.  
  •  Mix colour, shades and tones with increasing confidence.
  • Use equipment and media with confidence. 
  • Learn to secure work to continue at a later date. 
  •  Join two parts successfully.  
  • Construct a simple base for extending and modelling other shapes. 
  • Produce more intricate surface patterns.  
  • Use pinch, slab and coil techniques.
  • Print simple pictures using different printing techniques. 
  • Continue to explore both mono-printing and relief printing.  
  • Combine prints taken from different objects.
  •  Create images, video and sound recordings and explain why they were created.
  •  Begin to explore a range of great artists, architects and designers in history.
  • Discuss own and others work, expressing thoughts and feelings, and using knowledge and understanding of artists and techniques.