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Autumn Term:

Unit 1: Drawing/Painting: Claude Monet

  • In Y4, children will be challenged with the work and ideas of heavyweight Monet who stretched the idea of how art represents reality. This provides a very in-depth opportunity to learn about and practise observational drawing and painting skills with enhanced technique building on explorations of colour seen in Y3. Children will learn how to use line, tone, shape and colour to represent figures, landscape & form.


Spring Term:

Unit 2: Drawing: Stephen Wiltshire

  • Looking into the modern art of Stephen Wiltshire, children will return to the basic skills of line drawing, scale and composition. Opportunities to further develop sketchbooks will be key to Y4, as they will reflect on their own, and others’ work more critically.


Summer Term:

Unit 3: Sculpture: Henry Moore

  • Learning about Moore introduces the opportunity for drawing (life drawing) and figurative sketching to develop sketchbooks responses through observational drawing. Children are able to learn sculpting skills and drawing skills whilst also showing their creative side and using their imagination without the pressure of having outcomes being life-like or realistic. Children will learn to think about sculptures that have meaning.




Autumn Term:

Food: Healthy and varied diet

  • Children know some ways to prepare ingredients safely and hygienically and have used some equipment and utensils. They have also prepared and combined ingredients to make a product. In year 4, children build upon these skills to design and make a food product using local, seasonal ingredients.


Spring Term:

Mechanical Systems: Levers and linkages

  • By now, children have gained a good amount of experience with basic cutting, joining and finishing techniques using paper and card. In year 4, children select from and use appropriate tools with more accuracy to cut, shape and join paper and card to design, make and evaluate a moving book for a younger child.


Summer Term:

Electrical Systems: Simple circuits and switches

  • Children have prior skills in constructing a simple series of electrical circuits in science, using bulbs, switches and buzzers. Children build upon this to design a night light.