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In Year 5 Science, we will embark on an exciting journey through scientific topics that will ignite a growing curiosity and encourage your child to think critically. As part of our work, children will gain confidence in how to work scientifically by developing skills such as investigating, making predictions, conducting experiments, collecting and analysing data, and drawing conclusions. We encourage children to ask questions, make observations, and think critically as they explore each of the following scientific concepts:



Space and Earth

During Autumn term we will explore Earth and Space to understand planetary movements relative to the Sun, the Moon's orbit, and spherical attributes. Children will use their knowledge to explain day and night and investigate the thoughts of scientists such as Copernicus and Ptolemy.



During this unit we will learn about Sir Isaac Newton and how he developed the theory of gravity. As part of our work, we will explore falling objects, air resistance, friction's impact, and the role of levers, pulleys, and simple machines in movement.



Properties of Materials and Changes in Materials

Across the Spring term, we will perform a systematic comparison of materials and properties, building on our knowledge about magnetism (from Year 3) and electricity (from Year 4). As part of our investigation, we will also look at reversible changes (evaporation, filtering, melting, and dissolving) and irreversible changes (burning and rusting).



Living Things and Their Habitats

In the Summer term, we will research the work of naturalists Sir David Attenborough and Jane Goodall to see how their work has aided our understanding of the natural world. Working scientifically, we will dissect flowers, describe reproduction in plants, and prepare illustrative drawings to depict the life cycle of different plants and animal groups.


Animals, Including Humans

During Summer 2, we will turn our attention to investigating humans! The children will use their scientific skills to research and collate information on the human life cycle to describe the stages in growth and development of humans.