St John's CE (VC) Primary School

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Wk beg 6th December


This week will be all about rehearsing for our Nativity play. The children will be practising on the stage in the school hall with the stage lights. We plan to video the performance on Thursday and perform for our Yr6 Buddies on Friday... fingers crossed!

Phonics Song 2 (new ZED version)

It's a phonics song with a picture for each letter.

Alphablocks - The OO and EE Teams! | #HomeSchooling | Phonics

Alphablocks - Word Magic "H-AR-P" & "C-AR-P" (Yellow Level Step 10)

Alphablocks - Volume 3 Episode 14 - The End (Diagraphs OI, OR, UR)

We have learnt 'or' this week. e will learn 'oi' and 'ur' next week.

Practise reading and spelling these VC words. Go over the printed letters, using correct formation and then write it yourself in the last box.

Count to 100 Silly Song | Jack Hartmann

Count to 100 Silly Song by Jack Hartmann is a fun way to count to 100 by 1's. Build brain and body connections as you move and do a different exercise for each group of 10s. This counting to 100 song will have you moving to the silly dances as you count.

PE - Balance beams

Balance allows children to control and manage their bodies. Children are often seen to be running, making fast movements and having stumbles and falls. When children are encouraged to slow down they begin focusing on controlled movements. These controlled movements require concentration and critical thinking. During this moment children are given the opportunity to develop a deeper awareness of their body, how it moves, reacts and how they can control it.

You can also practise this skill with just a skipping rope on the floor. Remember to use your arms to balance, hold your stomach muscles strong and concentrate!!