St John's CE (VC) Primary School

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Wk Beg 21st March

Tuesday 22nd March



Option 1: We have been working on a story called Marcy and the Riddle of teh Sphinx.  Now we are planning and writing our own adventure for Marcy or her father, Arthur.  Over the next two or three days, plan and write your own adventure.  Marcy/Arthur can explore anywhere in the world and you can invent a 'monster' of your own.  You might want to use the Wind Weaver again for them to travel on. Remember that something needs to go wrong and they need to solve the problem, like when Arthur disappeared and Marcy had to go and rescue him.


Option 2: Reading Comprehension

Read these texts and try to answer the questions.  The answers follow each set of questions.



Have a go at the arithmetic test today.



Log into you Google Account and continue with your Google Slides presentation on a topic of your own choice (we started this on Friday).  


Google Account login details are in your diary - if you can't find them you can email me for them or, if you have PowerPoint, create a PowerPoint about a topic of your choice.



Research the features of a church and draw a floor plan of a church, including the main features.  Then see what you can find out about St. John's Church in Keele and write some info around your plan.