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Well-being activites

Welcome to all things 'mindful' and 'well-being' 



On this page you will find ideas for ways to relax, chill out and to be in the moment.

We are living in uncertain times, which are often out of our control but by finding a moment to just sit and be present it will help us to feel more grounded and happier. 




In this video, strengthen your superpowers of focus and calm by taking slow deep breaths as you trace the outline of your hand with your pointer finger.
Try this exercise when you feel nervous or upset, or when you want to cool down, relax, and focus your attention. Remember to keep a slow and even pace as you trace and breathe.

YOYO created this super, crazy fun dance with "I GOT THIS" affirmations, because the way you STAND, stands for something!! When we stand tall, when we jump around and move our body, it tells our brains that we are strong, we are ok, and we are happy!

You got this!!!

Dance For Kids! Super FUN Dance Workout! Go with YoYo

Just dance and move your body to feel GREAT!

5 minute workout in the kitchen!


Row Row Row Your Boat | Super Simple Songs

This is a lovely relaxing song which you all know! While you are watching it look for all the little details in this delightful animation and concentrate on your own gentle breathing. Watch it again and now imagine that you are in that boat sailing through all the seasons.

Balloon (Peace Out: Guided Meditation for Kids) | Cosmic Kids

In this Cosmic Kids guided relaxation, we find a balloon and it carries us to our favourite place, a place where we feel strong and happy.🌈