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Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Class 3!


How are you all keeping? The weather is supposed to be very hot today so try and complete today's work quickly so you are able to go outside into the garden (or further) and enjoy it!  I think we will be filling up the paddling pool here and I have also bought a 'slip and slide' mat for the children to enjoy later this afternoon (I am hoping there are no broken bones!).


This afternoon is our 'Joy of Moving' festival. Have you managed to have a look at the booklet for some suggestions of what you could do?  We are going to have a go at the 'Elastic Bridge' game as well as 'Target Ball'.  Don't forget to send any photographs of your home festival games to Miss Hickman at


Have fun and keep smiling! You really are all doing such a wonderful job working so hard at home,


Mrs Winstone :)








I can convert Roman numerals.

Picture 1

For the next few days, we are going to be learning about Roman numerals and what each letter represents!

Watch this Espresso video:

Have a go at the activity or play  game of 'snap', if you are feeling confident!
Now you are ready to have a go at converting these Roman numerals to their actual values!

Optional Extra:

Why not put your new knowledge to the test with this Roman Numerals game?



Wednesday 20th May

I can continue a story.


Today, you need to begin by reading Chapter 9 and 10 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Alternately, you can listen to the audio version found in the video below (up to 13:34).

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 9, 10, 11 Read Aloud

You are now going to write the next chapter of the story of what Charlie does with the money he has found.

Remember to include both narration as well as some dialogue (speech). Have a balance!

I have included a Toolkit for you to refer to when writing your short chapter.

(Please do not spend longer than 30 mins on this)

Picture 1
Don't forget to send any writing for us to see! We would love to read your chapters and discover what happens to Charlie next! smiley

Grammar Extra:

Learn about FRONTED ADVERBIALS in the BBC video by following this link. Then, have a go at the quiz on that page!