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Wednesday 25th March

Good morning Class 3,


I hope you managed to enjoyed the lovely sunshine yesterday. Today is supposed to be sunny again so plenty of opportunities to get outside in the garden and play in the fresh air. :)


I have been busy trying to teach Nathan how to tie his shoelaces! He's not quite mastered it yet, but practise makes perfect so I have set it as his daily challenge. I often wonder how you are all getting on and what you have been busy doing. Please send any e-mails (via the office email address) with how you are or pictures of what you have been up to. I have made a page for those we have already received for everyone to enjoy. Check out 'Our Picture Gallery' link on the Class 3 main page!  :)


I hope you are finding the work on our class page supportive and helpful in keeping your learning going. Keep trying hard,


Mrs M Winstone


Your work has been set on My Maths today. Some of you will have some tasks from previous weeks still waiting to be completed. Don't worry. Just have a go at the most recent one that has been set and you can always catch up with the rest whenever you get time.


Finish your maths session with a few times tables speed tests. Select 2, 3 and 4 times tables or 3, 4 and 8 times tables using the following link:


Today's learning is all about inverted commas (speech marks) and how we use them in our writing to show someone is speaking. Please write out the passage in your book and add the inverted commas in the correct places. Practise your joined handwriting as you copy the text out.


Wednesday 25th March

I can punctuate direct speech

David Walliams Audiobook

Every day, David Walliams is releasing a short story at llam. Follow the link for today's story.

There are a wealth of other audio books available here too:
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