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Wednesday 8th July

Good Morning Everyone!


I hope you are having a good week. Have you heard the news? Next year, when you are in Year 4, I will still be your teacher! I am so thrilled!  We will also be joined by the lovely Mrs Hales, who will be teaching you at the beginning of the week.  Check out our 'Meet the Teacher' video that we have put together for you! 


Have a wonderful day! Can't wait to see you all and teach you in the classroom once again!


Mrs Winstone :) 




I can recognise and describe 3D shapes


We are going to be learning about 3D ( 3 dimensional) shapes in today's lesson. Begin the lesson by watching the video below:


How to Describe 3D Shapes

Have a go at filling in the table below (or write it in your book) and discover the properties of each 3D shape. 


Afterwards, as a challenge, you could print off the net of a square-based pyramid and try to make it! Tomorrow, we will be looking at making 3D shapes further so this will be a nice practise before then.



Wednesday 8th July

I can write an introduction for my story


Today, you are going to begin writing your story. The first part of a story normally tells us something about where your story takes place (setting) and also introduces the reader to the main character. You could consider writing a short paragraph which include each of these. Use your character work from yesterday to help you with your writing. Try to use 'Show not Tell' techniques to give the reader information.  Also, try to keep the reader guessing and wanting to read more.




Francesca stood quietly on the station platform, clutching her older sister's calm hand. She felt nervous about the day ahead and couldn't stop her legs from shaking.  Her long brown hair had been plaited especially and she had chosen to wear her lucky red dress which had a bow at the front.  The sound of people rushing past filled the air.  Francesca caught a glimpse of her reflection in the shop window opposite where she was standing. She had a gentle face, with big brown eyes. When she smiled, everyone would usually smile too. However, today she didn't feel like smiling at all.  She had too many butterflies in her stomach and she knew that today was going to be unlike any day she had ever experienced before.