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Wednesday 6th May

Good morning!  How did you get on with your bunting or flags yesterday, I have seen lots of items on-line and on the news about ways people are going to celebrate on Friday safely and don't forget that baking, I have put the details again below.


It is Wednesday again so that means music day (my favourite day of the week!).  So many of you enjoyed the BBC Play it that I shared last week so I have put a new activity from there for you today.


Have a wonderful day, enjoy the sunshine and remember to tell your mummy and daddy how much you love them, they are doing an amazing job x

VE Day challenge



We have done lots of work on letter sounds so today I would like to focus on our listening skills.


Game 1:  We have done this at school in the playground.  Stand outside and be completely quiet and still, after a short while start telling your mummy or daddy what you can hear, can you describe it, is it a loud sound or a quiet sound.  This game is brilliant for encouraging active listening and an awareness of surroundings.


Game 2:  There is a guess the sound link below - There are some tricky one's so listen carefully!

Guess the Sound Game 2 | 20 Sounds to Guess

Guess the Sound Game 2 | 20 Sounds to Guess Guess the sounds before the time runs out. Play 'Guess the Sound 2' with friends or family! There are 20 sounds t...



Today we are going to look at measuring.  


Activity 1:  Set up a washing line and give your child a basket of different size socks or clothes and a bag of pegs.  The idea is for them to match up pairs and order the items in size from smallest to biggest.  You can expand this by counting the items in one's or two's or making patterns with the colours of the items.


Activity 2:  Find your lego bricks and then three or four of your toys that you would like to measure.  How many lego bricks tall is each toy and then can you sort them into biggest to smallest using your lego measurement?



Use the link below to access the BBC play it.  Click on 'feel the beat' and then the song I would like you to select today is 'Hands in the air'.


1. Walk on the spot and swing your arms to the beat.

2. Try swinging your hands in the air to the beat.

3. Before the final interlude of the song clap your hands, stop and then finish off by marching and maybe humming or whistling along to the song.