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Wednesday 24th June


Objective – I can show groups of objects.


Last lesson we learnt about groups of objects and how it helps us to count and make sure our counting is accurate. Today you are going to draw/make groups following the instructions and write the number sentences to match.

Here is an example.

I have 4 equal groups.

I have 2 in each group.

How many do I have?

Picture 1

Task – Read the instructions and make the groups. You could draw the groups as dots or make them using things from around your house. Don’t forget to add the groups up by counting in whatever the group size in. It might be helpful to write the number sentence below like we did last lesson.

Challenge - Rosie and Eva have equal groups of either 2, 5 or 10.

Each of their totals is less than 40.

Rosie has 5 equal groups.

Eva has 3 equal groups.

Eva’s total is more than Rosie’s total.

What could they be counting in? Use equipment to help you.

(There is more than one answer)


Objective – I can use my imagination to write.


I hope you are enjoying our new text. It’s time for the next part of the story…

Jake and Holly used their imagination while they were playing in the garden and pretended to travel to the deepest depths of the sea. Where were they playing really? Who did they see?


Task – I want you to use your imagination and pretend that you went with Holly and Jake down into the deep part of the sea. I want you to write sentences to describe your journey. What did you see? Where did you look for the Teddy? Can you describe the mermaid? Try to add as much information as you can. It might be helpful if you talk through your ideas with an adult first.


Challenge – To use adjectives (describing words), conjunctions (and, because, then, but) and as much detail as you can.


I hope you are enjoying your home learning Music lessons. Click on the link below to get onto the website.