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Wednesday 3rd June

Well I think we might have finally reached the end of our spell of wonderful sunshine but we do really need some rain, my poor sheep have been very hot in their thick, woolly coats!  I wonder what the weather was like when dinosaurs were around?  Dinosaurs were in too groups of either meat eaters (carnivores) or plant eaters (herbivores).  If you drew a plate of your favourite food which would you be?


A Diplodocus or a T-Rex?

A Diplodocus or a T-Rex? 1
A Diplodocus or a T-Rex? 2
Wednesday is normally music day so can you sing and dance along with the dinosaur song.  Practice trying to keep the beat by clapping stomping in time to the music.

Dance Like A Dinosaur

Please support SingSongAlong by checking out our other resources and song downloads at Can you dance like a dinosaur Can you click your...



'Cool' Activity - Count and colour.  Count the dinosaurs and then colour in the correct number.  If you can't print then just do the activity on the screen.


'Hot' Activity - We are carrying on looking at adding amounts together.  There is a link below to some addition games try any of them and see how you get on but I suggest you start with the simplest to check understanding.



'Cool' Activity - Harry found his bucketful of dinosaurs in the attic - if you looked in your attic what would you like to find?  Can you describe it, can you draw it? (Parents - we are looking to just encourage new language with descriptive words).


'Hot' Activity - Just like the activity above I would like you to think about what you might find in your attic but I would like you to try and write one word about the object by sounding it out with a grown-up.  It is fine to sound it out together and then copy the word written down by your mummy or daddy.  Then can you think of a word to describe a dinosaur for each letter of the word 'dinosaur' here is my example:


D is for dangerous

I is for inquisitive

N is for nice

O is for obvious

S is for stomping

A is for awesome

U is for unforgettable

R is for ROAR!


We would love to see what you come up with.