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Wednesday 3rd June

Maths Solutions


Did you identify the right person?



The final day of clues for you to unveil who knows where the lance is.  I hope you've enjoyed something a bit different.  All will be revealed later.



Follow the link below to watch episode 1 of an animated version of Macbeth.


Now draw a picture of the three witches (how you think they might look). Try to make each witch different to the next. One might be old and withered, the next might be young, one might be a male witch, etc. 


Then write a detailed description of at least one of them.


Extension:  In a group of three use drama to create your own trio of witches. Use your images to create a physical embodiment of the witch group. The witch group should have a single phrase: ‘All Hail, Macbeth and Banquo!’ -  try speaking this either in canon or unison, trying out different types of voices within your group - low, high, croaky, squeaky, giggly, etc. How will each witch move? Will he or she be bent and old with outstretched fingers, shy and childlike or inhuman and zombie-like? Record and share with me and the class...if you dare!



Topic & RE


Topic:  Continue with your War of the Roses project.

RE: Complete the forgiveness lesson