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Wednesday 3rd February

Hello everyone!


How are you going to express yourself today?


Just a reminder about the reading challenge that Miss Wood set at the beginning of the term.

Finish your challenges with a chance to earn a certificate and badge.

Challenge of the day!





We are continuing with Phase 4 of our Phonics learning.

If your child can recognise most of all the Phase 2/3 sounds and read the Phase 2 and 3 tricky words then they are ready for Phase 4.

If you feel that your child still needs more practise with Phase2/3 please re-visit the previous weeks learning and try some other games on the suggested websites on our front class page.

CCVCC Words | Phase 4 Phonics - nice straight forward practise, because practise makes better!

Let's sound out some CCVCC words! These are words made using: consonant, consonant, vowel, consonant, consonant. If you'd like to try sounding out the words without any help just mute the video.

You say this sentence and your child writes it down. Look out for tricky words and sound out each word.



I   slept all  night  in  my  bed.


Challenge 1 - if your child can write this sentence easily add in some describing words e.g. my bunk bed.

Challenge 2 - Can they write another sentence about sleeping?


I can count on to find the total of two sets.

Counting On by 1's | I Can Count From Any Number (Numbers 1-20) | Jack Hartmann

Practice counting on by 1's. I give a number to start from and then you count on by 1's for the next five numbers. Practice counting on by 1's and give the answer. In this version I give the beginning number and say and show a visual of the next five numbers counting on by 1's. You say next five counting on by 1's with the visuals and lyrics. Skip count by 1's from a given number in I Can Count From Any Number.

Challenge - Can you write number sentences for the above?

4 + 2 = 6


Sitting on the bus

Beep-Beep! Time to get on board the big red bus. Our bus journey will take us on a musical adventure through the streets of London. We will use singing games to explore note duration and improvise rhythms with a rapping bus driver. This lesson's imaginative listening will take us on a bus tour through the Queen's neighbourhood, as we listen to Eric Coates' "Knightsbridge Suite".


I understand that feeling calm and in the moment can be helped by reading texts

A Reading of Breathe and Be: A Book of Mindfulness Poems

Enjoy this reading of the stunningly beautiful and enriching poetry book for children, teaching mindfulness, silence, and reflection by Kate Coombs and Anna Emilia Laitinen.