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Wednesday 3rd Feb

Today's lessons: these can be completed in any order

Children's Mental Health - be positive with Paul





It’s Children’s Mental Health week this week and each day there will be an activity suggestion based on the EXPRESS YOURSELF theme. Take photos and then send a pic collage or album of what you’ve done each day of the week on Friday.

Wednesday: Today’s special activity is: Positivity with Paul. He is challenging you to spend a full day being positive – no complaining! Turn everything into a request or a fun situation and be thankful for all you have. In addition, he’d like you to create a ‘picture of happiness’. This could be a ‘real life’ artwork of you doing something you love, a landscape of your favourite place, or an abstract doodle. You could even create some art on a computer. I’d love to see the photos when you’re done.

Today we will be reading Chapter 8 – Everyone Dead in Nagasaki. You then have a quiz to complete on Google Classroom.  

Chapter 8

We are back to narrative (story writing) with Mrs C this week. 

Now you are used to the process, I'll be looking out for those of you who are making an effort to deepen the moment. Adding extra detail with the special sentence types we have been learning at school.

In today's maths lesson we start finding the volume of shapes.


I can find and compare volume by counting the cubes. 

Today's video lesson is taught by Mrs Buckmire. If you want to have a go at the recap quiz on nets you can - otherwise skip. Once you have watched the video, please complete our challenges and watch the answer videos to mark your learning. (Don't use the online worksheet from Mrs Buckmire's lesson)

Lesson video: