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I can research books with familiar settings, themes and characters. 

Researching Kensuke's Kingdom


3 Persuasive letter


We are learning about imperial measures. Watch the video below and the lesson video:

You can then complete the challenges. Bronze this week is a guided video challenge.

imperial capacity lesson

bronze capacity lesson

Afternoon learning - Malala's magic pencil

Today, we are going to be thinking a bit more about our rights. Unfortunately, the rights that we have in this country are not the same as the rights in other countries such as Pakistan where Malala is from. Watch the story again and think about what the differences are. Use the sheet below to write down what you notice about rights in England and Pakistan. You could do further research of your own to compare the two countries. 

Malala's magic pencil

Optional extra mini-task

On the document below there are some facts about Malala. Can you write down what each fact tells you about Malala's identity and personality?