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It's great to see that some of you have already tried out Epic Reading- the Scooby do books have been popular!

Epic reading is an online reading library for children which has lots of different types of books and comics for your child to enjoy.

Access is free between the hours of 9am and 4pm. Just head to the website, click 'Class Code' and enter the code sent to you by text. Then find your child's name and they can start reading!


Lesson Objective: I can select an amount of money to pay for an item.
Select a task to complete. Try another set if you get some time! As always, you don't need to print, just write down the coins you have selected. Good Luck!

Selecting Money 12/1/21



Lesson Objective: I can use imperative verbs to create command sentences.


Today's lesson is our final lesson on instructions and imperative verbs before we move on to our non-fiction work tomorrow.

Imperative Verbs 13/1/21

Get your air guitar out and rock along to this imperative verbs song!

The Imperative Verbs Song


Understanding Pulse

Follow along with this lesson:

Topic (Design and Technology)

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be using our design and technology skills to design, make and evaluate our own bottle rockets. So if you come across an empty plastic bottle- save it!



Today I would like you to draw and label your own rocket design on a piece of paper. You might want to think about:

  • A name for your rocket. Bird or animal names are often popular. E.g. eagle. 
  • How are you going to attach the wings/nose cone?
  • What material do you need to find? Mum or dad might find some bits and pieces to recycle. 
  • How will you fly well? What shape wings will you use? How will you keep it light?


Here are some ideas: