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Wednesday 29th April

Good morning everyone.  Yesterday was a bit of a quiet day in  our house.  The sheep finally finished lambing on Monday night/Tuesday morning so I didn't get to bed till 4.15 am, so once Ellie and Sarah-Lou had finished their school work we just watched a film and it was lovely and relaxing. 


I am writing this on Tuesday evening and looking forward to a day in school tomorrow when I know I am going to get to see some of you.  WE REALLY MISS being with you all the time so to just have a bit of time tomorrow will be a real treat.  Wednesday is normally 'Gemma' day so I have included a bit of music and expressive arts today, so go on find your inner Arianna Grande or Ed Sheeran for a bit!



I have added a couple games to try today and please feel free to look around the other Phase 2 resources on the Phonics Bloom site.





A practical activity to make nine

Don't worry about sticking to the description, it is just about making nine or any number.  You could use 9 toy cars round a teddy bear.

Music/ Expressive Arts and Design


I would like you to use the link below to BBC Bring the Noise and pick the song Music Time.


1st Exercise - try just clapping to the best like the video describes.  Try this a few times or experiment moving to the music.


2nd Exercise - try marking out a small square on the floor (bit like a dance mat) and then teach your child a small box step in time to the beat of the song " Come (forward), On (forward), Join (back), In (back)" and repeat.  


This activity is not only great to encourage a sense of rhythm but also works on gross motor movements and coordination.  


Have fun!