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Wednesday 27th January

Good Morning Ruby Class!

Happy Wednesday! Today, I would like you to begin by watching an assembly by Mrs McAvan which is all about hope. Follow this link... then come back for your Wednesday morning message!

I hope that you all enjoyed Mrs McAvan's assembly! Don't forget, Wednesdays are a little bit different for us so let's find out what we are doing today...

Happy Wednesday!

Let's begin by reading our class story 'The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me' by Roald Dahl. The Duke has made them an offer they can't refuse...

Part Twelve

Still image for this video

Come back tomorrow for the next part!


Learning Objective: I understand that living things have needs.


Today, we are going to be looking at how to care for living things by learning about all the things they need. For this lesson, we are going to be focusing on pets! Do you know what a pet needs? Do you know how to look after a pet? Perhaps you have a pet! We are going to begin a little bit differently this lesson as I would like you to complete an activity before watching the video!


Activity One

I know that many of you have pets at home, or you might have family members or friends with pets that you could focus on for this activity. Complete the worksheet below, including lots of things that the pet needs!

Now, let's find out more...

How to look after pets

Activity Two

Look at the animal on each page and decide what they need from their own. Then cut out each item and stick it in their pet bowl!


Learning Objective: I can add by making 10.


Today, we will be continuing our work on addition! We are going to learn how to add by making 10. Watch this video from White Rose Maths to find out more...

Maths 27.01.21


Solve the problems on these worksheets by adding to make 10. 

Parents: Don't forget, these worksheets have lots of questions and useful tips to support and extend your child's learning!

Guided Reading

Learning Objective: I can retrieve information from a text.


Today, our 'Guided Reading' session will be a little bit different as we are not going to be reading a story altogether. Instead, I would like you to develop your reading skills independently by working through three tasks. Each task includes lots of information about polar habitats! So, let's begin...


Activity One

Look carefully at the picture on the worksheet and answer each question. Although you can tick the correct answer in questions one and two, questions three and four need full sentences! Don't forget your capital letter, finger spaces and full stop. 

Activity Two

This task is all about one of our arctic animals! Read the information about arctic foxes then answer the questions on the worksheet!

Activity Three

Finally, have a go at answering questions all about a poem! This poem is called 'Aurora'.


Learning Objective: I am learning about alternative spellings and pronunciations ('ue' as 'oo' and 'yoo').


Today, we will be looking at 'ue' which can make two different sounds! Find out more here...

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ue/ as /oo/ and /yoo/

Activity One

Practice reading 'ue' as 'oo' and 'yoo' by playing this 'roll and read' game!

Activity Two

Choose two 'ue' words that contain the 'oo' sound (from the video or the game) and write each of these in a sentence. Then choose two 'ue' words that contain the 'yoo' sound and write each of these in a sentence. Practice reading your sentences out loud.


Please don't forget to keep practicing your Phase 5 alternative pronunciations at Phonics Play! Just choose the 'Cheeky Monkeys' or 'Acorn Adventures' games! Remember, its FREE with the login: jan21 and password: home 


Learning Objective: I can program a character on Scratch Jr.


Today, we will be continuing our new computing topic all about programming! I know that you have all lots of fun doing this and I have loved seeing all of your work! Remember, you will need to use the app 'Scratch Jr'. Open it up now and let's begin!

Computing 27 01


Complete the challenges below to practice your programming skills. Don't forget, there are three difficulties to choose from!