St John's CE (VC) Primary School

Life in all its fullness

Wednesday 26th



Read the these information texts and complete the following questions.  The questions get more complex with each text that you read.



A chance for you to practise your column addition and subtraction today.


Once you've done this, make sure you've completed last week's homework on and also head to TTRockstars to work on your times tables.

Topic - The River Nile


Research about the River Nile and find out why and how it was important to the Ancient Egyptians.  Then use the information you find out to create an information page about the River Nile.  You might do this on the computer (Word or PowerPoint) or you might hand write it.  Try to include some images and as much information as you can but make it clear and easy to understand.


Take a couple of days to work on this - this will also be tomorrow's activity, so don't rush it.