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Good morning Amethyst Class.  I hope we are ready for Wednesday and our half term of home learning.  It's going to be ok everyone - we've done this once, we can do it again!  Over the next six weeks, I'd love to see as much work and as many photos as you can send me - starting with some Christmas holiday snaps.  Maybe you could send me some of you with something Santa brought you or maybe photos of you out in the snow but send me something to put a smile on all of our faces.  As soon as the photos start coming in, I'll set up a gallery so everyone can see them (unless you tell me not to).  I'll be sharing more information on what's coming up over the next few weeks over the next couple of days, on this page and also by email so parents, make sure you check your emails!  Take care everyone and have a wicked Wednesday!  Mr Jewitt.



I can identify the value of a digit


So today, you are going to do a bit of a recap of some of the work from last term. I want you to do any two of the three sections (You can do all three if you wish!).  Either complete A and B, B and C, A and C or A, B and C.  Read through the examples first so that you are clear about what to do.


I'll post the answers a little later on today.


Also, do 10 minutes on TTRockstars each day to keep those times tables coming along - there's currently a Key Stage 2 Battle running, which finishes today at 6pm.



I can create a comic strip of instructions


Still image for this video

So, how do you wash a  woolly mammoth?  Remember, they are such large animals that to clean one, you're going to need some pretty big tools and a lot of shampoo! How do you get it in the bath or the shower? Or do you have a cunning plan up your sleeve?


I want you to draw an 8 step comic strip showing how you would wash a woolly mammoth.  Add some labels as you go and give it some colour at the end. 


Once you've done, I'd love to see the comic strips so take a photo of them and send them to me at: and I'll create a gallery of your work.  Don't lose it though - you'll need the comics strips tomorrow.





We are now moving on to a new topic: The Ancient Egyptians.  I'm gutted we won't be doing this topic together in school but I can't wait to see all the work you create during the next few weeks on the Ancient Egyptians.  Today's work is a little bit arty.