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Wednesday 22nd April

Good Morning! How did you get on with the making the windsock or windchime yesterday?  We were really excited to see that ours had survived and is still hanging up outside.  Here are today's ideas of some things to do.




I have put a link below to an audio book called "The Lion and the Mouse".  I would like you to listen to the story and then can you talk your mummy or daddy about who the main characters are in the story, can you retell the story to someone who hasn't heard it and can you think up a different ending.  Mummy's and Daddy's if you could write down anything your child says and email it to me or record a video to upload to Tapestry that would be brilliant.




Today we are going to mix a bit of craft with some maths.  You need to find and old, shallow cardboard box, some scissors and some selotape.  I would like you to make a ball maze to practice ordering numbers.  I have added a photo below of the version I have made which is the easiest version and just has the numbers one to five but you could make it harder with numbers from one to ten or maybe even counting in twos?


Once you have made your maze you will need a marble or small ball to roll around under the hoops, but remember you have to go through the hoops in order. (Mummy's and Daddy's this is also great for fine motor skills).  You could paint it, decorate it or make the hoops different to mine - I might get Ellie to decorate mine later!


Have fun and as always send me your pictures!

Ball Maze

Ball Maze 1