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Wednesday 22nd April

Good afternoon, 

I hope you have all had a lovely day. Especially in this lovely weather, I want to remind you all of the importance of looking after yourselves.

1) Please make sure you are wearing a sun hat and suncream - if you have a pool (or a hot tub - you lucky things!) be especially careful of your shoulders. It is also a good idea to stay in the shade between 1 and 3. 

2) Take care of your wellbeing. It is really important to keep up with your school work but you need to get a good balance. If you fancy writing a story or reading something different than the task I have set - do so. As long as you are learning I am happy. For example, Kelsey has been making a scrapbook - this is PSHCE topic. Sam has been baking - this is maths and reading. Jake has been looking after wildlife - he could do some science research. Be creative to keep yourselves busy. 


With that in mind... Today is Wonderful Wednesday. If you have done any great artwork, building or puzzles, please send a photo to me and I can add it to the class photos page. You will already see some ideas: Jessica's teepee, Jake's NHS art in honour of his mum, Sarika's daisy chain. 


FYI: I have been talking to my sister today and we have been planning a special challenge for your homework this weekend - it will arrive on Friday. 


Enjoy your evening,

Miss Wood

Good morning, 

I hope you are all up and ready for another super day. Thank you to all those who replied to my email last night - I will be updating the photo page as we go with pictures of what the class have been doing. 

Today I will be taking part in Joe Wicks at 9am and then updating the Rising Stars reading again - some of you should have books allocated by now, if you registered Monday or yesterday morning. If not, let me know via email - I have a conference call with the Rising Stars lady later so I should be able to fix any problems. 


I also need to go shopping: the neighbours on our whats app group have added to my list as I offered to get things for others and Gary has been sulking because I ran out of cucumber yesterday - see photo attached below of him refusing to eat the lettuce! I have a reading 'lesson' to attend - teachers are still learning too :). Luckily, it's an online webinar so I'm hoping to be able to listen to some of it while waiting in the queue. 


Have a great day everyone.

Gary sulking!

Gary sulking! 1

Today, you have a My maths on ordering and simplifying fractions - I'd like everyone to have a go at this please.

Your 2nd maths task is the simplifying spider. This will also build on your learning from yesterday.

I have also attached problem of the day.

In English today we start to read Journey to Jo'burg. You have a reading task - making inferences - which I will upload the answers to later. The chapter is on the PDF for you to read but I have also recorded it for you.


**Please note the themes in this story (while appropriate for your age) are not for younger children to listen to - some of it might upset them so do be aware of who is listening or wear headphones please. 


The Chapter is split into 2 sections - read the first section or listen to the recording below. 

Then do the task.

Then listen to, or read, the 2nd section.

J2J Chapter 1 - part 1.mp3

J2J Chapter 1 - part 2.mp3