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Wednesday 13th May

Question of the day...

Can you finger spell your name in British Sign Language?


Still image for this video

Use the fingerspelling card and video to help you to sign your name. Can you remember any of the letters from when Ethan brought a similar card into school?

Finger Spelling Video:


To find out more BSL signs for different things, you can search on this website which will show you how to sign the word you search for:




Lesson Objective: I can read scales in millilitres.


Useful Video:


We can use millilitres (ml for short) to measure quite small amounts of liquid. Today I would like you to read the scales on the jugs on the activity sheets and write how much is in each jug. 


Top Tip: First, check what each line on the jug represents. The scale could go up in 1s, 2s, 5s or even 20s!

There are 3 levels of work on the sheets to choose from. Choose which one suits you best.


Lesson Objective: I can create a story plan for my own version of George's Marvellous Medicine.


I have been impressed with the characters and settings I have been sent over the last couple of days. I am looking forward to hearing how your stories turn out when we start writing them later this week. yes


TASK: Use your character and setting ideas to create a story plan for your story. You can present it as a map, cartoon strip or however will help you best when you come to write it. I have added an example below to help.


The ideas you need to include:

1) Introduce characters and setting.

2) What was the mean character doing to deserve to be taught a lesson?

3) IDEA! Your character decides to make a medicine.

4) First room- what do they add?

5) Second room- what do they add?

6) Third room- what do they add?

7) How do they give the mean character the medicine?

8) What happens to them when they get the medicine?

9) How does your story end? Are they taught as lesson?


My story map: