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Wednesday 20th May

What a lovely day! I do hope you've managed to spend some time outdoors while being sun-safe. 

I've had a go at some of the independent Joy of Moving activities - I played wallie and I'm currently having a go at the A-Z of fruit and veg. It's making me want a lovely fruit salad in the garden.

Thank you to those who have sent pictures of what you've been doing including your learning - I've added them to the photo page so you might want to take a look.


have a lovely evening, Miss Wood

It's Joy of Moving day. Here are activities for the whole afternoon to keep you entertained. (p.s. no-one will mind if you do this in the morning instead) Then you could do maths and English in the shade 12-2 when the sun is hot and then play!


I can write a poem OR I can write a biography of Martin Luther King


I can calculate missing angles

Click on the + sign across from Week 2

Scroll down to Lesson 5 – Calculate angles

Watch the video