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Wednesday 17th June

It is Wednesday so that means music day.  There are a couple of ideas for today as well as your phonics and maths.  The video below is a song all about people who help us  (it is sung to the tune of 'the wheels on the bus'), you will need to get and adult to sing it along with you.


It has also been quite a while since we did any cosmic yoga so I have added 'Betsy the Banana today' as a bit of relaxation.


Carrying on our theme of people who help us - today we are looking at doctors and nurses.  If you would like to have a try at some craft ideas how about making an ambulance from junk modelling or a stethoscope using an egg box.  You could maybe also try a doctors bag or a pretend thermometer.

Early Years Song: People who help us

Here is a song for EYFS about people who help us, the tune is 'the wheels on the bus'. The verses include: teacher, doctor, nurse, dentist, lollipop man, cle...

Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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We have another story to listen to today all about a doctor.  Everyone needs to listen to the story and then choose the 'Cool' or 'Hot' activity from below.

"People who help us, Doctor" - a story for kids, read aloud

People who help us, Doctor. The story is about helping People. Enjoy watching and subscribe the channel! :)

'Cool' Activity - there are lots of words in the list which you may not have heard before.  I have written a list below of some of the words - can you find out what they mean? (Parents - increasing vocabulary is an important part of literacy at this age).


Surgery             Patients                   Fever

Medicines        Prescription               Chemist

Blurry              Healing                      Bandage


'Hot' Activity - It is a labelling activity today.  There is a worksheet below for you to try.  If you can't print just draw a picture and then label the parts.  Try writing some of the words yourself if you can.  


Keep practising those double letter sounds such as:


Hiss, miss, pill, till, puff, huff.


Remember it is just a longer 's','l' or 'f' sound.





'Cool' Activity - have a try at the powerpoint sharing Max's bananas.  Then take a banana a real banana and see if you can share it into enough pieces for you family to have one piece each.


'Hot' Activity - we are moving onto subtraction today so rather than adding numbers on we are taking it away.  Have a look at the powerpoint to learn about subtraction and then either try the worksheet or you can have a go at just using some beads of pasta to see what happens if you take away items from a group - do you have more or less left?