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Wednesday 20th May

I woke up feeling very excited this morning because we are meant to getting lots of sunshine, I think we might have a water fight later (shh don't tell Sarah- Lou and Ellie so I can sneak up on them!)  Sunshine makes us all feel good so no phonics or maths today I just want you to go outside, enjoy the weather and maybe try some of the ideas below:  


(Parents if you do want some directed phonics or numbers then use Monster Teach, Rising Stars or BBC Bitesize). 


1. Painting with water - grab yourselves some brushes and rollers and a big tray of water then have a try at painting on the pavement of driveway (no mess here mummy and daddy!).  Try some different techniques such as flicking, splashing or smooth painting - if you try it with soapy water you can make patterns as well.


2. Make fairy soup - collect lots of leaves, grass, petals and seeds and then shred them up using scissors (practice those cutting skills). Put them all in a bowl and then mash them up with mixers, spoons etc.  Experiment with textures and colours and then put it at the end of your garden I am sure the fairies will love it!

Picture 1

3. Make a nature mobile - using sticks strung together add lots of items to the sticks to hang and spin in the garden.


4. A quick game- set up a start and a finish and then see if you can give directions to get from the beginning to the end e.g one step forward, two steps right.  It is just like the beebots we use in the classroom just with people!


5. And finally it is Wednesday so it is music day.  What can you find in the garden that can be used as an instrument?  Flower pot drums, stick claves let your imagination run wild....  And there is a little song about the sun below to add to the fun.

Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles (Lyrics)

Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles (Lyrics) Choose Your Favorite Artist Here: Stay tuned for brand new karaoke videos by subscri...