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Wednesday 1st April

Good Morning Nursery!  Most of you will know that we have lots of animals at my house and yesterday was the turn of the sheep for some attention.  Last night my husband and I laid out all the straw in the lambing shed and as you can see from the photo the sheep are now all safely indoors ready for lambing,  We have also had some great news today that one of our puppies is going to live with a man in the army, which means he will get to travel to Canada!


Today is April Fool's day so your challenge for today is to send me your best joke.  If you get Mummy or Daddy to email it to me then I will create a page on here for you to read them all.


Starter for ten:  "What do you call a man with a spade in his head?"  "Doug"


Don't forget to tell me how your bird count went yesterday. 


Happy April Fools Day!





The Lambing Shed

The Lambing Shed 1