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Wednesday 8th July

Check out the photo page to see how Ava's sunflower has grown and Ethan's 7th birthday photos! 

Question of the Day...





Lesson Objective: I can solve arithmetic calculations.


Arithmetic Wednesday! Have a go at the arithmetic quiz below. Don't forget to write down/draw anything you need to help you answer the questions.

If you have some time left, practise your timestables (2x, 5x and 10x are expected in Y2 but if you know those, you can move on to the others)


Lesson Objective: I can use commas to write a list.


Recap Video:


We have learnt that Live Aid raised a huge amount of money to help the terrible famine in Ethiopia. You and your parents may have given or raised money to help good causes that do fantastic things all around the word. As part of our Africa/Live Aid topic we normally go on a trip to a local charity to see what good things they do. With things being different at the moment, we will have to have a look around virtually!


The charity we are going to look at is called Our Space. Our Space is a charity in Newcastle that helps children and adults who have disability. I visit Our Space every few weeks. I am one of the trustees there which means I helped to set up the charity and help to keep it running. 


A disability is when somebody may need extra help or has something that makes their life a bit more of a challenge. They might need extra help to move around, to see, to hear, to learn or needs some extra help with their behaviour. There are lots of different disabilities. Some we can see and some we can't. You might have met someone with a disability. 


Our Space has lots of wonderful equipment. It is a shame we can't visit to try it out but maybe there will be a time in the future when we can. 


Task: Have a look at the photographs of Our Space. What equipment can you see? Write a list, using commas to write down your ideas. This will help you with tomorrow's lesson. 



Outside there is a curved slide, large hamster wheel, a green jeep....