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Wednesday 1st April

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope you've had a fun day and have done well with the work set today.  It's been a quiet one for me today - I seem to have been on the laptop for most of the day but I did do my first Joe Wicks session today.  I used Monday's video and really enjoyed it - I see he's raised over £80000 so far for the NHS.  I really enjoyed the Thor Hammer move and pretending to be Spiderman!!  (Although I'm more of a bananaman kind of guy!) I'll definitely make it part of my daily routine now, I hope you are too.  


I don't know about you, but the 12 & 13 box challenge in your maths today kept me busy for a while.  Once I started writing out the combinations to make 12 & 13, it became a bit easier.  And how did you like your maths test? I could hear the groans and then the cheers from here!!


Work, photos and videos continue to trickle in - Yuval now has his Ning Nang Nong style poem in our videos section - thanks for sharing Yuval.  Keep them coming - even if it's nothing to do with the work set and you just want to say hello to me and the class.


Anyway, take care of yourselves, wash those hands and stay safe.


Mr Jewitt





Today's solutions


Today's super silly spelling mistake was...enquirey - no 'e'. Should be: enquiry. Did you spot it? Look out for tomorrow's super silly spelling mistake!



              Topic & Science


Continue with your Mayan Pyramid today - if you need some inspiration, check out Jess & Mason's efforts in the 'Your Photos' section.  Please send in a photo when yours is complete.

Read the sheet above and try to keep a diary over the next week.  Here you are making observations over time - one of the 5 types of Scientific Enquirey.  If you don't have a pet, perhaps try to follow the patterns of your garden wildlife (or spy on a member of your family - maybe they have a set routine each day that you've never noticed).