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*National Space Centre*

This week is Space Week on CBeebies. Each day there is an episode filmed at the National Space Centre (all available on BBC iPlayer).

They look like an interesting watch! Episode 2 is about the solar system.



Warm up your brain with this game:

Lesson Objective: I can solve problems that involve finding totals.


Today we are going to apply our knowledge from yesterday's lesson to some problem solving tasks. If you need a recap lesson on finding totals, please watch the White Rose lesson below.

Finding Totals 19/1/21

Still image for this video


Lesson Objective: I can edit and improve sentences.

Editing Sentences 20/1/21

SPAG- Plural Practice


Lesson Objective: I can present information about Neil Armstrong.

To finish off our work on Neil Armstrong, I'd like you to work on a mini-project about him and his mission to the Moon. 



You can choose how to present it. Here are some ideas:

  • Create a fact file
  • Design a poster
  • Type some facts and add some images using Microsoft Word
  • Create a collage using the Piccollage App. 
  • Make a Lego model
  • Video yourself presenting facts
  • Draw a portrait
  • Make a PowerPoint


Below are some resources that you might find useful:



Lesson Objective: I can create patterns.


Check out the second Oak Academy lesson on creating simple patterns in music.