St John's CE (VC) Primary School

Life in all its fullness

Wednesday 15th September

Guided Reading

I can pick out key characters from my story.

For guided reading, you can use your reading book or another book from home. Read together (mainly child led if possible but if the book is too difficult it can be read to them) a story. Pause throughout the story to talk about what is happening, what can you see from the pictures, what might happen next and who is in the story. The task is to draw and write all the characters from your story. 



I can write numbers to 10 in words.

Today we are learning how to write the numbers to 10 in words. It is important that by the end of Year 1, you are able to read and spell numbers to 20 so we are going to start looking at numbers to 10. Don't worry that if by the end of today you can't spell all of the numbers, it is something you can work on at home. Below are some activities to help you learn how to read and write the numbers to ten. The paper chain activity requires you to cut and stick the numbers to ten in order to form a paper chain. It does show numbers up to 30, but we are just looking at numbers to ten today. 


I can name objects made of different materials.

Last week we looked at different materials around us and had a go at sorting objects made of metal, wood, plastic and glass. Today we are going to go on a hunt to find different objects and record what they are made of. Talk about how they are the same and how they differ, e.g. a wooden ruler and a wooden desk - they are both wood but one is small and light and the other is strong and heavy. The task is to split a piece of paper into 5 sections (or use 5 different pieces of paper). 'Metal' 'Wood' 'Plastic' 'Glass' 'Fabric'. Go around your house and draw as many things as you can under each sub-heading. How many items can you find made of each material?