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Wednesday 13th May




As well as the arithmetic today, I have set you an activity on MyMaths.  If you haven't got your login details, please get in touch.  I've attached a couple of videos for you today to help with a couple of the arithmetic areas - hope you find them useful.

Decimals with remainders from Mr J.mp4

Still image for this video

Multiplying fractions by an integer.mp4

Still image for this video



A spelling activity for you today.  I'd like you to copy & complete the sentences, filling in the blanks with the correct spelling.  Then, I'd like you to write 3 sentences of your own for each spelling - make them as silly as you can, but make sure they make sense.

Project & Music


This week for music, as it would have been Eurovision on Saturday, I would like you to research the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.  The UK has won the contest 5 times over the years.  I'd like you to listen to the 5 winning entries and rank them in order from 1 (the best) to 5 (the worst).  I'd love to see how you rank them.  If you send me your order, I'll put together a class ranking by combining all of your thoughts.


For the project: keep on working on your free project, keep being creative and keep adding the detail.