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Wednesday 13th May

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all well!


Reception  Class Has  Got Talent??!!

Our Head Boy Charlie has asked me to remind you about the St John's talent contest. Do you have a special talent that you would like to show the school? I know that there are some good dancers and musicians in our class who could wow the audience. But is there also someone who can do a bit of magic, hoola hoop or tell a joke. It would be lovely to see and there is still time to send your video in to him. Details are on our front page or click to Charlie's Head Boy web page for further details.  

What a super poster Nawfal did to celebrate International Nurses day yesterday. Thank you to Nawfal's mum who is a nurse and all the other nurses in our school, in our country and around the world for the work you do. You certainly do give people a lot of hope.


Challenge of the day!




How many words can you make from National Health Service I will give you a couple to start  - at, on. You may need an adult to help you.


Daily Phonics lesson:
It is great that you are keeping going with the Daily Phonics lesson. It is so important that you don't forget the 45 phonemes that you have learnt and that you remember all the Phase 2, 3 and 5 Tricky Words. 

Please remember that if you feel that your child needs more practise at Phase 4 please revisit our previous lessons and also use your child's Home Learning Book to consolidate prior learning .


Remember - Practise makes Better!!

1. Learn the Letters and Their Sounds. Hurray!! I have found a version that says 'zed' instead of 'zee'!

In this International version with Zed learn the Letters and their sounds with Jack Hartmann. Jack sings both the upper and lower case letters for alphabet recognition. He also mentions consonants and vowels.

2.  Today we will recap phonemes digraphs/trigraphs with Phonics play -

Tricky words -

 Phase 4 

Phase 5


3.   Today's new sound is 'e-e' says 'ee'. This is what we call a split digraph. Let's see what Ash can tell us about this sound.

Now play this reading game -


4.   You say this sentence, sound out each word and your child writes it down. Watch out for the tricky words -                                                           Eve  had  an  even  set  of  apples  in  her  basket.


Remember  - Start your sentence with a capital letter.

     Leave finger spaces.        

End your sentence with a full stop.

      Read your sentence


           Well done!  yes



I can place objects in size order


Playdough worms.

If you don't have any playdough at home here is a simple and quick video that shows you how to make some at home. Have fun making it together!!

How to Make Play Dough - Easy No Cook Recipe! |

Easy playdough mixture made with flour and salt. You can also use food colour to colour it.

Make 5 playdough worms in different sizes. When you have made them put them in size order starting with the  shortest to the longest. Remember to place them so that each end is level with all the others.

Challenge - can you use a non-standard measure to see how long each worm is? You could use paper clips, small lego, buttons etc



I am beginning to understand the Buddhist faith festival of Wesak.

"The way to be happy is to be kind to other people."




May is a special month where Buddhists around the world celebrate the festival of Wesak. Watch the video to find out more about this festival.

When you have watched the video discuss what you have seen and talk about the question at the end. 

Challenge - Can you draw a picture of your peaceful place?