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Wednesday 1st July


Objective – I can double numbers to 20.


Today we are going to learn about doubling. Can you remember what it means to double? Read through this presentation with an adult to remind yourself.

Today we are going to find doubles up to 20.  


Task – Below is a choice of 3 different ways to find your doubles. Decide which activity you want to try (you could do all 3 if you wanted to as it might help you to learn your doubles as you go).  

Challenge – Use what you have learnt from the doubles activity to fill in the table or draw your own to show what double each number is.


Objective – I can write to describe.


At the end of the week we are going to have a go at writing our own version of the story but before we do that, we need to think about our favourite toys. In the story Jake has lost his favourite teddy and when we write our own stories, we need to include what our favourite toy is and pretend we have lost that.


Task – Have a think about your favourite toy… firstly I want you to draw what your favourite toy looks like. You can colour it in and write it’s name (if it has one) as well. Then I want you to write some descriptive sentences all about your favourite toy – why is it your favourite, what does it look like, what does it feel like, what colour is it, what does it feel like to cuddle or play with and anything else you can include to describe it. Remember, a good description will include adjectives (describing words) for example – fluffy, cute, cuddly, soft, fun, friendly, caring, etc.  


Challenge – To include ‘because’ sentences. For example ‘My bunny is my favourite toy because he is cute and cuddly.’


As it is Wednesday, it's music lesson time! We are nearly at the end of this term of work. I would love to hear what you have thought about it! I hope you are enjoying it.