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Wednesday 13th May

Good morning!  I am in school again today with some of the children and I am going to try not to fall over playing football like I did last time I was here!  How did you get on with the bug hotel yesterday, there is a picture of the one we made at home yesterday below which is now going to live near out bird feeders.


Music today so, as Gemma would say "Let's make some NOISE!!!!!"



Our bug house

Our bug house 1



Let's have a go at some drumming.  I have added a short video below of someone demonstrating body percussion.  Did you notice he didn't us any instruments.  See if you can have a go at copying him and then get yourself a wooden spoon and go outside and see what you can tap a rhythm on - maybe a fence or a tree.  Does is make a high sound or a low sound (remember Gemma teaching us about Daddy Bear low sound and Baby bear high sound?)  Try an make up your own rythmn and see if mummy or daddy can copy it.


Ollie from 'Beat Goes On' teaching Body Percussion on CBeebies' 'Let's Go Club!'



We are moving away from our phonics sounds for today and looking at listening and recalling a story.  I would like you to listen to "A hole in the bottom of the sea".  Can you talk about what happened in the story, what animals were mentioned and what do you think you would find at the bottom of the sea?


Once you have listened to the story perhaps you can draw or paint a picture of one of the animals or of something you might find at the bottom of the sea?



We have spent a couple of days on money so we are going to move back to counting and number lines.  Activity 1 is a simple counting game but it encourages to count slowly as often children rush when counting objects.  Activity 2 you can really make as hard or as easy as you like.


Activity 1:

Activity 2:


Make a number line but with some numbers missing - to make it more interesting you might want to do this with pegs on a washing line.  The children need to fill in the missing numbers eg.


1,   3,4,   ,6   ,8,9   .


You could stick with 1-10 or you could try 1-20 or counting in two's or tens.