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Wednesday 1st July

Good morning!


It is JULY! Wow! Where did that last month go? I can't believe we are now in the 7th month of the year.  Do you have a calendar in your house or bedroom? We do, so today we have had to turn them over.  Nathan has a Liverpool FC one, Libby has a guinea pig one and I have one in our kitchen based on the television programme, Friends.  I always enjoy turning the page and seeing the new picture underneath!


I hope you have a great day today. Apologies this message wasn't put on first thing (for those of you who log on super early and saw it wasn't here!).


Keep trying your best and working hard! 


Mrs Winstone :)



I can compare angles

Today, you are going to learn about right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles and compare these.  You will not need a protractor for today's work.  Begin by watching the video below:

Angles: measuring angles and their names! | Educational Videos for Kids

You can also watch this song too to help you recognise acute, right and obtuse angles further:

Angles Song | Acute, Obtuse, & Right Angles

Try to remember:

Have a go at the following worksheet:


Wednesday 1st July

I can identify the key events that happen in a story.


In today's lesson, we will be looking at the key events that happened in the story The Egyptian Cinderella. Start by listening to the story again. I have put an audio version on for you, should you prefer to use it.

The Egyptian Cinderella

By Shirley Climo / illustrated by Ruth Heller

Use the 'Story Mountain' structure below to think about they KEY EVENTS that happened in The Egyptian Cinderella.


Use the document below to map your own story mountain, based on the story of The Egyptian Cinderella or, alternatively, you could create your own in your book.