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Wednesday 10th June

Good morning! Hope you are well!

Something to make you smile!

Something to make you smile! 1

Challenge of the Day!



This or That. Which do you prefer?

arctic or jungle

            city or countryside

         beach or theme park

mountains or rivers

fields or caves

Daily Phonics lesson:
It is great that you are keeping going with the Daily Phonics lesson. It is so important that you don't forget the 45 phonemes that you have learnt and that you remember all the Phase 2, 3 and 5 Tricky Words. 

Please remember that if you feel that your child needs more practise at Phase 3/4 please revisit our previous lessons and also use your child's Home Learning Book to consolidate prior learning. I am glad to hear that some parents are consolidating Phase 3 and 4 phonics.


We have looked at the first set of Phase 5 phonics and for the rest of this term we will now be consolidating Phase 3/4/5 learning ready for Year 1.


Remember - Practise makes Better!!

1. The ABC Song

It's the classic ABC song with capital and lowercase letters.

4.   Can you write these Phase 4 sentences? You say this sentence, sound out each word and your child writes it down. Watch out for the tricky words -                                                             


Gran  went  to  get  fresh  fish.

Stan  went  to  get  fresh  meat.

Mum  put  the  meat  on  the  grill.


Remember  - Start your sentence with a capital letter.

     Leave finger spaces.

         End your sentence with a full stop.

      Read your sentence


           Well done!  yes


I can compare light and heavy objects.

Heavy and Light

The children have used a pan scale in school to compare heavy and light objects. This is a great video which recaps length and height and then shows how you can have fun making your own scales at home using a coat hanger! Have a go!

You could also play this Ten Town game to investigate Heavy and Light.


I can talk about illustrations in detail.

I am beginning to understand alphabetical order.

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

This time when watching and listening to the story pause the video and talk about the illustrations in more detail.

Read the text below together. Explain that you are going to put the hightlighted words into alphabetical order. Use the alphabet line to explain to your child that you will be looking at the first letter in each word to see where it appears in the line.


Challenge - If your child found that easy to do then support them to complete the other side of the sheet.