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Wednesday 10th June

Wednesday is music day!


I thought it would be nice to make our own musical instrument today.  There are some suggestions below and lots of ideas on the internet.




'Cool Activity'  - There is a shape and size ordering activity for you on the powerpoint below. 


'Hot' Activity - Yesterday we looked at days of the week.  So today we are going to look at the hours in a day.

There is a powerpoint below which tells you all about the big hand and the small hand on the clock.  Once you have watched it see if you can draw a clock or get a grown-up to help you and then set the hands to 6 o'clock.



'Cool' Activity - how did you do with your listening skills yesterday?  Today I have given you some other listening activities to try.  I would love to hear what sounds you like and dislike - I didn't like fireworks when I was little!



'Hot' Activity - Write out all the sounds you know onto a piece of paper, 1 sound to one piece of paper.  Turn them all over and then turn one at time and say the sound.  How quick can you get, see if you can time yourself?