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Water - Wednesday and Thursday afternoon

Lesson 5: I can reflect on why rivers are so important to people.

Additional activity: Look at the photo of the table. Can you explain how the people use the river and the positive and negative aspects of this use.

Lesson 6: I can explain what happens when a river floods

Additional activity: Write a poem about a flooding river. You could take turns in each stanza to focus on the negative and positive aspects.

Set 2 - 3rd and 4th Feb

Lesson 3: I can discuss the landforms that rivers create (Part 1).

Additional activity: research and create a PicCollage one of the landforms discussed today e.g. Grand Canyon. Add facts to your images.


Lesson 4: I can discuss the landforms that rivers create (Part 2).

Additional activity: Find as many examples of an oxbow lake as you can. Try to find an example from every continent, then one from each of the countries in the UK, then a picture of an oxbow lake in Staffordshire (I know there are some – I’ve seen them!).

Set 1 - 27th and 28th

Lesson 1: I can locate the world’s river on a map

In the lesson link below, you'll meet Miss Dhillon who will be teaching your Geography. She will teach you and give you tasks throughout the lesson. At the end you'll have a quiz.

I have also added an extra activity for you to do at home. You do not need to send this learning in to me but it would be useful for you to keep it so I can check what you know when we return to school.

Lesson 2: I understand how rivers shape the land

I've added a Youtube link below for once you've finished with Miss Dhillon's lesson

Science Lessons: Erosion and Deposition Experiments!

Use this video to inspire some of your own experiments at home (Maybe you could have a go in the garden if the rain stays away)