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Tuesday 19th May

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning everybody

I hope you all enjoyed the interviews yesterday. I have received one or two pieces of work from yesterday and it is clear that the children were very much in role as they answered the questions from the newspaper reporter! I could almost hear Violet talking!

I am really looking forward to seeing some of the entries for the talent competition later this week. It may be that you have taken up a new hobby or interest over the last few weeks. If so, Mrs Winstone and I would love to hear about it.

Enjoy your day and keep smiling...and dancing ...and singing!


I can convert seconds to minutes and vice versa

Today in maths you will be learning about how to convert seconds into minutes and minutes into seconds.



  60 seconds = 1 minute

 120 seconds =2 minutes

30 seconds=half a minute

15 seconds =a quarter of a minute


How many minutes and second is equal to 96 seconds?

Well, we know there are 60 seconds in one minute. Then we have 36 more seconds.

So 96 seconds=1 minute 36 seconds


I would like you to have a look at this powerpoint. The answers are there already but read through it slowly to absorb what it is telling you then you can attempt one of the worksheets. They get gradually harder as you scroll down. The final sheet has some very tricky reasoning questions! I have added the answers at the end so that you can check straight away how you got on and make any corrections.

Just try your best and good luck!

So sorry everyone...the powerpoint is here now!


I can use speech marks.

Start today by looking at the poster immediately below.

Now watch the video clip to remind you about the use of speech marks in your writing. Remember the speech marks wrap around the spoken words and the punctuation. eg. ‘Do you have the time?’ he asked.


Below is an extract from later in the book. You will see that on one side of the page there  is some text just as you find in the story. The first half of the page does not have the speech marks included. I would like you to carefully write out these sentences with the correct punctuation.


The other side is a play script which the actors would use to learn their lines and then make the film. Use the text from the left hand side of the page to complete the play script on the right hand side. Remember, you will not use speech marks here.


When you have finished, read the text out loud. Compare this with reading out the play script with members of your family taking on the different roles.


Speech Marks and Playscript Activity