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Tuesday 30th June

Good Morning!

We hope you enjoyed the activity on turns yesterday. Today you are moving onto learning about right angles. I think you may especially enjoy the second maths activity, so have a look! It's hard to believe that it's the last day of June. If you look at the 'Additional Activities' you will see there are more ideas there for keeping you active during July. On the photos for this week, Lauren has shared a discovery she made when she went on her walk at the weekend! Have a lovely day everyone and

keep smiling.smiley



I can find right angles in shapes and use them to follow and give directions.


Today you will be looking at right angles. To understand what a right angle is, watch the video clip and then work through the powerpoint.


Now complete Activity 1. The answers are below for you to check.


If you would like a further activity, try Activity 2.

  • Follow the directions to sail the ship safely across the sea.
  • Now see if you can write the directions for the ship.


Answers are below if you scroll down.

Right Angles

PowerPoint Recognise right angles in shapes

Activity 1 Recognise Right Angles in Shapes


I can state the reasons for and against a story ending happily.

Today, start by reading to the end of the book.

Now think carefully about what happens to Rhodopis at the end of the story.

Do we know if she even wanted to marry Amasis?

Do you think the ending was a happy one for Rhodopis?

Label the top of your pages in your books ‘For ‘ and ‘Against’ then below each heading give reasons for why you think the story is a happy ending (For) or not such a happy ending (Against).         

The Egyptian Cinderella Book