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Tuesday 9th June


Objective – I can understand a’ minute’.


Today we are going to learn about a minute. A minute is 60 seconds. If you count ‘one elephant, two elephant, three elephant, etc’ until you get to 60, that is roughly one minute. Here is today’s time clip with Tempo –

Task – ‘What can you do in one minute’ activity. For each task, estimate (make a sensible guess) how many times you can complete the task in a minute. Ask someone to time you then see how many times you can do it in one minute and record your answers.

Challenge – Use the ‘challenge’ cards at home with your family. Maybe you could all have the same challenge to complete in a minute and see who can do it the most times? Or you could turn the challenges upside down and take it in turns to pick a challenge each to complete.


Objective – I can write a set of instructions.


Below is the link to the clip that we are going to use this week. You will see the character from yesterday’s lesson at the start. Watch the clip through as many times as you like, talking to someone in your family about what you are watching, what is happening, what she might be thinking and what is happening.

 I watched the clip with my little boy and it made me realise that although blowing bubbles seem an easy thing to do, until we learn how to do it, it can be quite difficult to do. So, I have decided that today we are going to try to write a set of instructions, explaining how to blow bubbles. Instructions start with a title at the top – what the instructions are about, numbers down the side, simple steps written in order and clear verbs to explain. Below is an example of a set of instructions. Look through them with someone at home and talk about the way they are set out, the numbers and why they are important and how they use words like ‘first’ ‘next’ ‘then’ ‘last’ and how you could use these in your instructions.

Task – To write a set of instructions explaining how to blow bubbles. Remember to write your instructions with numbers down the side, use words such as ‘first’ ‘next’ ‘then’ and try to break the instructions down to simple steps.


Challenge – To include a title at the start of your instructions and a picture at the end to show how to do it.


Today we are going to learn how to add 'ing' or 'er' to root words. Work through the presentation and decide which of the activities you want to try.