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Tuesday 9th June

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all well!


Due to the re-introduction of some year groups and the majority of teaching staff being involved with these bubbles, we are changing the home learning routine.  Work will now be posted on a FRIDAY for the following week.  

A Monday message will be posted and a Friday message too

I will also now put the Additional and suggested activities on the day page. 

Please keep posting work, photos and videos on Tapestry and we will keep replying and commenting. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Just a reminder that I would like to post a photo gallery  on our class page that shows the children's family connections in different countries around the world and the British Isles.

So please could you send  in your family photos to our class email address by Friday 12th June. This will be a a good way for the children to see how we are all connected around the world and to start looking at world maps.


Challenge of the day!




Where on earth would you like to live and why?


Daily Phonics lesson:
It is great that you are keeping going with the Daily Phonics lesson. It is so important that you don't forget the 45 phonemes that you have learnt and that you remember all the Phase 2, 3 and 5 Tricky Words. 

Please remember that if you feel that your child needs more practise at Phase 3/4 please revisit our previous lessons and also use your child's Home Learning Book to consolidate prior learning. I am glad to hear that some parents are consolidating Phase 3 and 4 phonics.


We have looked at the first set of Phase 5 phonics and for the rest of this term we will now be consolidating Phase 3/4/5 learning ready for Year 1.


Remember - Practise makes Better!!

1. Who Let the Letters Out YouTube

Naming and sounding the letters of the alphabet.

2.   Today we will play a Phase 4 yes/no question game. 


3.   Let's see how many High frequency words you can hear with this Espresso challenge - 


4.   Can you write these Phase 4 sentences? You say this sentence, sound out each word and your child writes it down. Watch out for the tricky words -                                                             


The  frog  swam  across  the  pond.

The  dog  jumps  into  the  pond.

The  fish  is  in  the  pool.


Remember  - Start your sentence with a capital letter.

     Leave finger spaces.

         End your sentence with a full stop.

      Read your sentence


           Well done!  yes



I can name common 2D shapes

Shapes Song 2

A quick recap of some common 2D shapes. But please concentrate on the pentagon, hexagon and octagon shapes which the children may have forgotten.

Go on a Shape Hunt around your house. What circles can you find? (clock faces, dials on the cooker, plates…) What squares can you find? (cushions, window panes, pieces of kitchen towel…) What rectangles can you find? (books, magazines, table tops…) Are there any triangles?

Challenge - can you find any pentagons, hexagons or octagons inside or outside your home?



I can recall contents of a storybook

I can talk find digraphs/trigraphs in a text.

Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

Listen to this wonderful guide to planet earth and look at the beautiful illustrations.

Please read this text with your child and then help to find the digraphs in the text.

Be a phonics detective!

Challenge - choose one/two of the words and write a sentence with it in.


Remember  - Start your sentence with a capital letter.

     Leave finger spaces.

         End your sentence with a full stop.

      Read your sentence


           Well done!  yes



I can begin to know how God created the world.

How God created the earth History for kids

This bible story tells us how Christians believe God first made the wonderful world in which we live in.Talk about what you have watched and then draw a beautiful picture of our world.